Creating impactful spaces. Retail, event, and visual merchandising design.

A Creative Space specialises in transforming retail spaces, exhibitions, trade fairs, and events through bold design and strategic creativity.


Retail Space Design

Transforming retail environments to enhance customer experience and drive sales.

Exhibition Design

Creating captivating exhibition spaces that leave a lasting impression.

Trade Fair Design

Designing dynamic and engaging trade fair booths to attract and retain visitors.

Event Design

Crafting memorable events that resonate with attendees.

Brand Design

Developing cohesive and impactful brand identities.

User Experience Design

Enhancing customer interaction with intuitive and engaging design.


Providing expert styling services to create visually stunning spaces.


Offering guidance and training to empower businesses with creative strategies.

Challenges of Staying Ahead

Maintaining the energy to stay ahead of the competition is challenging. You’re constantly managing social media, sales promotions, and discounts just to keep up.

Our Approach

We bring vision and magic to your brand, adding value and vitality. Our hands-on approach unleashes your superpower, removes headaches, and boosts customer satisfaction. Achieve results in 4 weeks and enhance customer experiences with our best practices.

What to Expect

Experience up to 40% uplift in sales over 8 weeks.

Optimise your space with personalised “WednesDate" checks to reveal common errors holding you back.

Learn best practices and receive mentoring to create a 6-month vitality plan, achieving a 95% CSAT score from customers.

Expect a responsive journey amplifying your values without extra resources. A Creative Space ensures customers leave wanting more by “unleashing your unique superpower.” We provide mentoring and design to attract, engage, and delight. Maximise returns on events, campaigns, and inventory investments.

About A Creative Space

A Creative Space, founded in 2014 by marketing expert Jennie Kelly, is a premier consultancy firm specialising in creativity and design. We deliver innovative, inspirational solutions, creating desire for products and services through bold design, unique ideas, and powerful theatre.

About Jennie Kelly

Jennie Kelly, founder of A Creative Space, brings 20+ years of marketing and creative design expertise. Passionate about solution-based ideas and sustainability, Jennie helps businesses thrive with innovative design strategies and a green approach, ensuring captivating and cost-effective projects.

Case Studies of Our Work

Explore how A Creative Space has revolutionised business environments with creative design and strategic innovation.

Trusted by Leading Brands

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